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SYSPRO Managed Cloud Services

SYSPRO ERP is built to deliver industry-specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors in key industries.

With SYSPRO Cloud ERP you can choose the solutions that best apply to your operational needs; remain compliant with a built-for-industry framework that continually evolves; optimize, control and streamline operations and processes in your specialized environment with a fully integrated solution; configure the software to suit your unique requirements; and adapt and scale up your solution as your business grows and your needs change.


90% of manufacturers use cloud technology for productivity applications.
source: 3rd State of Manufacturing Technology report, 2017
Why you would consider Cloud Computing?
  • Do not want to acquire and maintain your own infrastructure
  • Limited by an inflexible ERP infrastructure
  • Want to manage your infrastructure resources more effectively
  • Want to easily scale up or down to respond quickly when opportunity strikes
  • Need to get your SYSPRO ERP up and running quickly
  • Legacy infrastructure limiting your ability to digitalize

SYSPRO Managed Cloud Services offers:

All your SYSPRO ERP infrastructure, servers, storage, databases, operating system and networking requisites are taken care of, and you only pay for what you use.
We offer a dedicated managed infrastructure hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in data centers throughout the world – delivering a highly secure, stable, reliable and robust infrastructure that performs at the highest levels of availability, scalability and performance.
SYSPRO’s specialized onboarding services comprise deployment of the solution in line with SYSPRO’s best practice and tailored to your requirements. You maintain control of the software, 3rd party applications and data that are deployed to the infrastructure, with the option to select a SYSPRO channel partner or local SYSPRO office to deliver SYSPRO application support.
Ongoing 24/7 technical infrastructure monitoring, maintenance, support and reporting are provided for a single monthly cost.
Optional value-added SYSPRO services include disaster recovery and cost optimization as well as Azure services such as bots and analytics.

The Benefits of SYSPRO Managed Cloud Services

Fully Managed
Removes your infrastructure burden: SYSPRO Cloud Managed Services takes care of all your SYSPRO ERP infrastructure requisites, freeing you up to focus on your business.
Pay as You Consume
Manages your expenses more effectively: SYSPRO Managed Cloud Services enables you to pay monthly and only for the resources you use.
Rapidly Deployed
Gets you up and running quickly: Your cloud computing solution can be turned on within a few days or even hours.
Tailor your managed cloud solution to meet your needs: We perform an in-depth appraisal in order to provide you with the ideal solution, including the option of a hybrid cloud environment.
Respond quicker to shifting business conditions: We efficiently scale your cloud computing power up when demand is high, and down when it’s quieter.
Always Available
Work anytime with increased decision-making ability on the fly: Your workforce can access software any place, any time, increasing levels of collaboration, capability and remote use.
Reliable and Secure
Peace of mind: Our ongoing security management and monitoring services enable security measures and manage risk by identifying threats and vulnerabilities.
Industry Experience
Best practices to achieve your objective: Our industry experts facilitate a successful implementation and look after your mission critical systems—ensuring its maintained and protected.
Enable Digital Transformation
Streamline your adoption of new technologies: SYSPRO Managed Cloud Services provides access to the latest available technologies such as Bots, AI, and IoT and enables you to apply the latest updates to your applications.

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What our customers say:

Skillcraft operates multiple branches and required the centralization of data. Their move to the cloud has simplified the sharing of data between these geographically removed centers. Maintenance and the physical threat of theft or vandalism of servers have been eliminated.


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