ERP Embedded Analytics

Quick real-time business intelligence

Centralize business intelligence for quicker decision-making

Centralized business intelligence (BI) capabilities with SYSPRO ERP Embedded Analytics: Actionable insights for data-driven decisions to improve customer relationships, operations and revenue. Unlock the power of your ERP data.

Unlike other third-party business intelligence solutions, out-of-the box SYSPRO Embedded Analytics is part of the SYSPRO ERP system. Connect multiple sources of data from sales, operations, finance, workforce and others to gain actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Centralize and analyze your organization's ERP data

SYSPRO Embedded Analytics eliminates the need to switch between different systems and applications to access data, resulting in effectiveness and efficiency. Adapt to customer needs and manage operations with a real-time view of your organization.

Centralized BI solution

No need for third-party business intelligence solutions

User friendly

Effortlessly create business area specific dashboards

Faster time to insights

Create dashboards and get data insights in three simple steps

Real-time decision making

One cohesive system for real-time data-driven decision making

Operational benefits

Data-driven decisions

Improve market competitiveness

Work faster and smarter

Increase operational effectiveness

Business benefits

Supports digital transformation

Centralized analytics

Reduce solution costs

Quick administration time

SYSPRO Embedded Analytics features

Data connection manager

Create and maintain connections to SYSPRO & other database systems

Data source manager

Analyze data with visual widgets, create and blend data views from different sources

Visualization manager

Create the metric and KPI widgets that can reside on user dashboards

Dashboard library manager

Visualizations brought together, linked and filtered to show insights

Embedded Analytics web card

Allows UI designers to drop dashboards into SYSPRO Workspaces

Data interrogation

Deep dive into the analytical dashbaords and change them on the fly

Pre-built data models and analytics to fast track your projects


Financial dashboards

  • Customer analysis for Accounts Receivable
  • Supplier analysis for Accounts Payable
  • Cash book for treasury department
  • Finance manager dashboard
  • General ledger analysis
  • General ledger dimension analysis
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Manufacturing dashboards

  • Job status board
  • Production capacity board
  • Production throughput analysis
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Distribution dashboards

  • Inventory management analysis
  • Inventory management operations
  • Sales analysis
  • Sales order book
  • Supplier performance
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Supply chain operations
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Insights dashboard

  • System utilization
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SYSPRO has been recognized for its significant new Embedded Analytics capability in Nucleus Research report

The Nucleus report outlines three expected benefits for users:

  • Improved organizational visibility
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced operational costs

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