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SYSPRO ERP Software for the Industrial Machinery and Equipment Industry

SYSPRO business solutions for Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers

As a Manufacturer in the Industrial Machinery and Equipment industry, you may be facing various business challenges including inaccurate supply chain and inventory forecasting, disconnected legacy systems, premature failure of machinery, delivering products faster, and volume demands.

These challenges, and the need for accurate price forecasting, strong financial controls and the ability to fully trace and implement warranties on goods, means you need an ERP system that has the capability to provide accurate costing, complex bills of materials and unique scheduling, meticulous and actionable traceability, end-to-end supply chain visibility and integral quality management capabilities.

6 Key Industrial Machinery and Equipment challenges SYSPRO Can help you resolve


Industrial Machinery Market size is expected to reach
USD 771.59 billion by 2024; according to a
new research report.


  • SYSPRO enables you to improve your capability to demonstrate compliance in your core processes, as well as implement a variety of control measures for stringent record-keeping to suit the level of vigilance required.
  • As a critical after-sales service in the industry, MRO requires detailed record-keeping of customer equipment configurations, as well as previously performed maintenance work, in order to meet service-level agreement requirements.
  • SYSPRO’s Product Configurator simplifies the raising of orders for variable configurations, while the Bill of Materials, Engineering Change Control and Work-in-Progress modules provide the recording and tracking of as-built and as maintained configuration history and service notes, including details of any subcontracted work.
  • Additionally, SYSPRO’s Serial Tracking and Lot Traceability functionality provide reliable part warranty and replacement details and history. Thus, the extraction of maintenance history and current configuration details is facilitated for customer regulatory reporting, as well as to enable customer-targeted planning of materials and activities for service and repair jobs.
  • Get a single view of customers, contracts and orders with integrated CRM
  • Exceed customer expectations and improve margins with more accurate quoting
  • Manage special customer pricing
  • Integrated end-to-end information, planning and activity control supports the full production process from design to procurement, production, and delivery/installation and service
  • Visibility to costs and profits across the business enables you to identify issues as they occur, including variations in expected and actual raw material and production costs; late supplier deliveries; obsolete, slow-moving and excessive inventories; and product defects and scrap
  • With rules-based Product Configurator streamline order-taking and automatically generate factory and purchase orders with all the relevant detail, such as materials and operations required to make or assemble the correct customer-specific configuration of the product
  • For complete engineer- and design-to-order requirements, speed up the processing of inquiries through estimating and quotations functionality that provides an accurate view of both standard and non-standard material and labor costs, ensuring accurate profitability projection and quoting

Boost your Operations with SYSPRO Industrial Machinery Software

  • Improve management processes for OEM returns, OEM rebates, OEM promotions, OEM warranty claims
  • Easily integrate to supply-chain partners, 3PL and customer electronic ordering and supply systems
  • Improve your customer responsiveness in all aspects from design, engineering and configuration
  • Digitally transform your business so that you can integrate business partners across your supply chain or to other systems, on premise or in the cloud
  • Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get rich insights, unidentified trends and anomalies in your business brought to the forefront
  • Build customer satisfaction with more accurate quoting and estimating

SYSPRO ERP at your finger tips

Business Critical Solutions

Product Configurator
A program that provides an automated online product design and rapid quotation system to the potential customer. It has already been integrated into a number of manufacturing systems, including the MRP system.

MRP (Materials Resource Planning)
A system that focusses on enabling a careful material planning and ordering process that significantly improves cost controls. Without proper controls, a job can quickly overspend or end up with shortages of key components. MRP is designed to eliminate this issue.

CAD Integration
Allows organizations to access and print any drawing format as well as to work on drawings on their own CAD systems, thus speeding up the quotation process as modern CAD programs offer built-in costing software. Most of the factories in the IM&E market sector are a combination of specialist and generalist equipment, requiring the factory to be flexible enough to tackle any job. As a result, the development of specialist skills is a significant competitive advantage.

Manufacturing and Operations Management (MOM) software
A powerful addition to help optimize factory output and reduce job costs, SYSPRO MOM offers a unique level of delivery, cost and quality control of manufacturing operations.  The solution SYSPRO facilitates the management of the end-to-end manufacturing process by providing complete manufacturing lifecycle management from planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analyzing, to optimize and improve end-to-end manufacturing operations.

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