TrafFix maximizes success by achieving digital transformation of operations with SYSPRO

“We wanted to be better at everything – to sell more, carry less inventory, improve the customer experience and process the same or more transactions without increasing our headcount. Also, we wanted to be less reliant on paper, more agile in reacting to the market, quicker in making the right decisions, and not get bogged down in unnecessary, repetitive tasks.”
– Cobus Conradie, IT Director, TrafFix.

Customer Profile
Established in 1986, TrafFix Devices manufactures traffic control devices and crash attenuation products. The company’s products are designed and engineered to meet the highway requirements of countries all over the world. This requires engineering excellence and a clear understanding of the performance requirements in each of the countries where it operates. It is a major player in the attenuation space, with major market share.

The Business Challenge
TrafFix initially implemented SYSPRO in 2014. The company had outgrown its existing systems and needed a fully-integrated ERP solution to support its growth as well as short- and long-term objectives. The recent upgrade to SYSPRO 8 was an integral part of the digital transformation of the business.

The Solution
As part of its digital transformation journey, TrafFix recently upgraded from SYSPRO 7 to SYSPRO 8. With this fully-integrated system, it has a single source of the truth that is trusted by the organization and used to make informed decisions across all levels.

The Outcome
The main driving force behind TrafFix’s decision to embark on a digital transformation journey was the desire to be better as an organization across the board. The SYSPRO team maximized TrafFix’s success, guiding its transformation journey to ensure the objectives were met and TrafFix has completely digitally transformed its operations across all aspects of the business.


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