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“Quite simply, SYSPRO has enabled us to be more

– Sergei Using – Gardasoft, Supply Chain Manager

Customer Profile

Gardasoft designs and manufactures high intensity LED illuminators and high performance pulse/strobe controllers for LED lighting – providing unique solutions to the global Machine Vision, Intelligent Traffic (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition and ALPR – Automated License Plate Recognition) and Security (CCTV) markets.

The Mission

Gardasoft began as a start-up in 1999 and has successfully developed from a small company to a leader in the fast developing LED technology sector – doubling its workforce along the way. Gardasoft’s senior team realised the need to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to provide it with the correct platform to support its continuous growth.

The Solution

K3 Syspro accepted the challenge with their SYSPRO ERP solution. Gardasoft’s Supply Chain Manager Sergei Using says, “We need a system that is fast and affordable. K3 fitted into that. We narrowed the choice down to two or three candidates, but really we knew there was only one that fitted what we needed – K3 Syspro.”

The Outcome

Gardasoft has experienced improvements to their reporting and stock control system, a reduction in administration time, and improved efficiency in sales and order processes. They are also able to streamline across borders now as they have a site in the USA. This has saved money on administration costs which can all be merged and available on one system across admin, sales and customers.

Growth without Constraints

Innovation, responsiveness to the market and a high degree of customer focus lie at the heart of everything that Gardasoft does. The challenge, when implementing a new ERP system, was to make all of the necessary changes, while still enabling the agility and essence of the business to continue to successfully evolve. During its early growth phase, Gardasoft began with spreadsheets, which is typical for a small business. At the time, with just a dozen employees, this worked. But as the company began to grow, it became more time-consuming and less effective. Information could not easily be shared and traceability, while doable, was not as efficient as it needed to be. From accounts to stock control, the new system needed to support the company to keep pace with advancements in technology and especially as businesses start to embrace Industry 4.0. The senior management team decided to look for an ERP supplier who could provide them with a single database solution across all of their departments. The company had grown to 24 employees and it was for staff to be able to have visibility of all of the processes from sales to production and delivery.

Traceability and Certification Support

Using explains that, as manufacturers, traceability is vital. Gardasoft uses Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) involving hundreds of different components. Being able to pinpoint one tiny part throughout the manufacturing process is essential. “We needed a system to manage our models. These are quite complicated and consist of lots of assemblies. SYSPRO allows us to do this. For us it is about risk management more than anything else. Recalls are expensive in terms of time and money and we want to minimise that risk by being able to trace the process and the parts.” The company is currently moving ahead to gain certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Having the K3 system in place has helped with this process. Mr Using said: “The certification is important in terms of not just having quality management systems but being able to prove we have them. It is a way of showing we manage our business eff ectively and put in place best practice methodology.

A Phased Implementation

Mr Using says, “We simply could not aff ord the cost and disruption of implementing everything in one go. So, working closely with K3 Syspro, we took the approach of phasing the implementation. We wanted to ensure that the features and functionality were available but we also had to factor in the change of culture. Our staff are important to us and we wanted to ensure they were comfortable with the changes and felt confi dent to handle them. ”The fact that it is modular means we have been able to maintain our core business while it has been put in place. The key people were trained up while the business continued and we have been able to spread this across to our subsidiary in the USA and to our engineers.” Managing Director Hilary Briggs says: “We had good support from K3 who understood that we were not a big organisation with the luxury of in-house IT expertise. This wasn’t a problem for K3, and the trainers provided us with the same bespoke and flexible service.” Mr Using adds, “As a business you work on certain cost models and certain cost assumptions. We can now process all our labour costs and parts much more accurately. We can make better business decisions because of the data we are now collecting. This means enquiries coming in can be dealt with quickly and accurately. The time we have created for ourselves has allowed us to further develop the business so that we continue to remain competitive in a rapidly changing global marketplace.”



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