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Uncover new revenue sources. Trim costs. Boost operational efficiency. Reduce risks and simplify compliance. Improve vendor relationships. Meet your company’s biggest financial goals with the right CFO solutions.

If you dream of improving your company’s financial health, you need to know what’s going on deep in the numbers. Costs. Inventory. Orders. Spending days or even weeks trying to sift through spreadsheets won’t cut it as you strive to compete in a global market.

Are you confident that you can easily access the business-critical information you need to make the right choices – at the speed of the market? Are you wasting time and money with outdated data systems, but fear the cost of change? Learn how SYSPRO ERP can become a finance professionals greatest ally.


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Software for Finance and Accounting

For finance executives: Remove barriers to profitability with SYSPRO ERP Software

Changes in global supply chain sources, e-commerce orders and regulatory compliance risks across manufacturing and distribution sectors can make the CFO’s job highly complex. You need to steer your company safely through tighter credit markets, more complex regulations and unstable trading conditions. The pressure to improve profitability is constant.

CFO Solutions from SYSPRO ERP Software integrates business processes operated by various departments, such as inventory, order management, accounting, customer relations and more.

Learn how SYSPRO can help you get the financial insights you need to quickly identify opportunities and take fast action.

Strategic Visibility

  • See where you need to respond quickly to changing market conditions with built-in sophisticated analytics and reporting
  • Leverage executive dashboards, automated alerts and mobile tools to manage the way you want – and troubleshoot potential issues before they get out of control
  • Quickly identify customer buying trends, issues and/or sales or service opportunities so you can develop a plan to improve
  • Confidently make board-level decisions about expansion, consolidation and other corporate moves

Operational Performance

  • Ensure every department is working off the same data and the same source of truth
  • Operate seamlessly by integrating all of your divisions across accounting, manufacturing, distribution, QA and other business functions
  • Leverage executive dashboards, automated alerts and mobile tools to manage the way you want
  • Simplify budgeting, forecasting, activity-based costing and other key management functions

Compliance and Security

  • Minimize risk by streamlining compliance with key requirements, from legal regulatory reporting to product recall management to contract terms
  • Protect your data from theft or loss with SYSPRO’s extensive security features, such as audit trails and fine-grained access controls

Vendor Relationships

  • Improve supplier communications so they know when to expect payment and can address any problems, such as faulty product or non-delivery, early in the cycle
  • Enforce consistency and minimize risks of inaccurate orders, so you avoid costly rework and unhappy customers

Corporate Performance Management

Delivering greater visibility into your company’s financial health, improving profitability and minimizing risk.

Prophix’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software for SYSPRO is specifically designed for financial departments. It automates critical financial processes to eliminate the manual processes out of job functions, providing more time for analysis. The software addresses multiple CPM capabilities through a common interface increasing visibility and insight into business performance across the organization, including Budgeting, Financial Consolidation, Analysis, Forecasting and cashflow planning.

Johan Keller from Energetiq and Whitney Nowlin from DuraServ share how Corporate Performance Management software for SYSPRO has significantly reduced the time they need for their month-end close processes. A seamless integration with SYSPRO allows for improved data collection, validation, and analysis.

ERP for Finance

Committed to your success: Proven fast, cost-effective implementation

Unlike other ERP providers, SYSPRO can help you get implemented fast with our proven deployment methodology, so you can minimize disruption and realize ROI quickly. And, by accessing our industry-built frameworks, you benefit from industry best practices, whatever your product lines.

Our trusted partner network can meet your needs for service and support around the world, with custom solutions designed to fit your unique business.

The information stored in your ERP system isn’t just a cost; it’s an internal and customer-facing source of competitive advantage. Take your manufacturing or distribution organization to the next level of growth with a fully integrated CFO solutions from a vendor trusted by thousands of companies just like yours.

Customer Success Story

“SYSPRO has accommodated our growth as well as our operational changes. In terms of our business processes, it’s given us a discipline and a consistency that may not have been there before. In addition, we now have one central point of reference, as opposed to each department maintaining its own database. That allows us to make better decisions based on more widely available information than we had in the past.”
—Chief Financial Officer, BioVectra, Inc.

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