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Container Tracking for SYSPRO

If your business trades internationally, importing goods for distribution or raw materials for use in manufacturing, the Container Tracking for SYSPRO module provides visibility across your supply chain. Monitor, manage, and track shipments via air, land, and sea, so you can stay abreast of inventory before it reaches the warehouse, and take ownership as soon as the voyage departs.

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“The system makes it easy to track and manage multiple purchase orders and shipments for fewer container loads and vessels, saving the organization time and money.”

The Benefits of Container Tracking 

  • Shipment tracking at order line level or in summary allows information to be analyzed for strategic operational decision making
  • Because of long lead times, knowledge of where inventory is and when it is expected to improve on-time delivery and full shipment delivery
  • Early detection of delays helps improve customer service
  • Recording departure and arrival city information allows for the analysis of product origin and location of the greater demand

Your company will gain even more efficiency by tracking from supply chain sources through the final destination and taking ownership as soon as the voyage is departed.


Container Tracking for SYSPRO


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