Closing the Digital Skills Gap

Technology is evolving far faster than the skills needed to use it effectively, creating a global digital skills gap that requires creative, insights-driven Human Resources management.
If you’re involved in HR either as part of a dedicated HR department, an HR administrator, or a Business Owner who makes HR decisions, you’ll know that the global appetite for technological expertise is increasing at the expense of traditional business skills. Ask any employee what they want from your company and the answer will inevitably be: “skills-training.”

With more than 80 programs covering subjects within Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial, Innovation, Administration and Technical areas, find out how SYSPRO LearnIt Education and Training will help you get the best out of your people now, and well into the future through:


  • Ensure your employees’ skillsets stay relevant and show your people you care about their careers and their futures.
  • Boost morale – employees who have training and development opportunities are happier in their roles and have a positive outlook on their future within the company.
  • Keep your best people! If you don’t provide them with meaningful training, they’ll go to someone who does.

Succession planning

  • Attract, retain, and develop future leaders through well-targeted skills-development efforts.
  • Build the bench-strength of your organization in order to ensure its long-term health, growth and stability.

Precise recruiting measures

  • Enable your talent management process by identifying key roles and mapping out ways to ensure the organization has the right people with the right skills, capabilities, and experiences, in the right place at the right time.
  • Provide a benchmark for recruitment.

Closing the Digital Skills Gap


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