SYSPRO and Manufacturing Operations Management (MES)


No one ever said that managing your manufacturing operation was easy, in fact it can be one of the most time consuming, labor intensive and complex collection of business processes you can engage with.

It poses questions like – what do I run?  What shall I use?  Have I got enough?  What equipment will I use?  Who’s available?  When does the customer need it?  What can I group together?  What’s running slow?  What’s running fast?  What needs to be done first?  What can I run together?  What causes my downtime?  What can I do about these losses in my manufacturing processes?

For a typical SME, the answer lies in a combination of the planners’ brain, a myriad of Excel Spreadsheets and Access Databases or, at worst, a collection of manual efforts and laborious meetings between sales, planning and production.

In the SYSPRO space, help is most certainly at hand.

Earlier this year SYSPRO announced a global partnership with Lynq – the UK-based software company with over 20 years’ experience in the ERP and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) space.  Since the announcement, SYSPRO companies from all over the world have started to take advantage of the Lynq-powered SYSPRO Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution, (now an integral offering in SYSPRO) and dramatically improved their operations management.

They have done this by improving visibility of the shop floor through employee and machine tracking, making themselves more competitive and efficient by introducing accurate planning, reduced lead times and loss by removing inefficient setups/identifying slow running and focusing on maximizing the up time of their machines and employees.  All by implementing a fully integrated SYSPRO module with a surprisingly quick and efficient implementation methodology.

As SYSPRO continues its drive to support manufacturing operations globally and invests in adding even more functionality to this area, I fully expect to see an increasing uptake in manufacturers focusing their efforts on what I can only describe as ‘proper loss reducing, visibility granting software’.  In such a way that paper-based maps were replaced by satellite navigation, all paper- based and legacy solution operations management in manufacturing will be replaced by industry aligned software, one that links the shop floor to the core ERP system and to the management in real-time and doesn’t cost the earth to deliver.

For more information on SYSPRO MOM, please feel free to reach out to me or your local SYSPRO regional office or SYSPRO partner.

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