Collaboration through Value-Added Partnerships Improves the ERP Experience

ERP Partners

In an age where organizations are dealing with a more informed, powerful and demanding customer, it has never been more crucial to be flexible, dynamic and just as informed. While many businesses have tried – and failed – to go it alone, there is an unspoken value in nurturing and developing an ecosystem of strategic and effective partnerships. Simply put: in today’s business environment, collaboration is king.

While all partnerships should be mutually beneficial for all parties involved, if done correctly, they can also lead to improved and consistent success. It is this formula that has allowed SYSPRO in particular to achieve its objective of enabling success through best practices – building a unified global program and community of 1600 partner resources. All this while achieving 98% customer retention.

Through our partner program, we’ve been able to provide value to partners, who, in turn, provide the end consumer with improved experiences. This results in improved sales, higher customer retention and overall customer/partner satisfaction.

Here’s how:

The Handshake is Only the Beginning

I’ve often asked myself why so many business partnerships fail in today’s climate. The answer is simple: visions are not aligned and the bigger picture – beyond monetary success – is absent.

Like with any agreement or partnership, the work cannot stop once you sign on the dotted line. Continual effort and collaboration is needed to see the real benefits and growth. Through our PartnerUP programme, we provide support to partners through ongoing education and training. This provides partners with invaluable knowledge to not only effectively market their businesses, but also to improve their sales – upscaling their businesses as their customer base increases.

This stems from our undying commitment to partner success and a belief that, through collaboration – working with our partners – we will achieve unified success, rather than an atmosphere of delegation. We’re building long-term relationships, not once-off engagements.

Training is provided through our customized e-learning channel – SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) – and PartnerUP portal, which provides useful sales and marketing tools, along with full certification programmes. We also collaborate with our partners to ensure that consultants are trained on sales and implementation through our unique IDEAL Implementation Methodology.

Enabled Partners Equal Happier Customers

We’ve discussed how partnerships don’t just end after the ‘agreement thereof’; now let’s take it one step further. Improved and empowered partnerships lead to improved customer service, relationships and overall experiences. Gone are the days when organizations can take the ‘spray and pray’ approach with customers. Experiences must be tailored to each customer’s requirements from the solution.

Our partners provide their customers with holistic, value-added services that empower them through visibility of information, rapid deployment, improved insights, and analytic and reporting capabilities. Partners are able to build individual profiles of customers through feedback received, enabling an environment that is customized to best suit the customer’s needs.

We’ve entered the fourth industrial revolution and organizations have started embarking on their own journey towards digital transformation. Streamlining business processes, embracing mobility and prioritizing security can only be achieved through value-added, long-term collaborative partnerships.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to revolutionize and grow your business, visit our Partner Program page for more information.

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