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I am certain that many service providers believe that they are adding value to your business. Most have impressively drafted mission statements that reflect this belief. It is debatable how many of these organizations actually fulfill this principle. Our Product Roadmap covers our innovations that focus on optimizing business processes – ensuring that we keep our focus firmly on creating value for our customers.

In this blog, I am going to expand a little on our ‘Always On’ product pillar. This pillar concentrates on a Cloud First approach – a subject that continues to gather momentum globally as a result of it’s ability to maximize capacity and utilization, minimize costs, and improve IT flexibility and responsiveness.

Our aim is to assist organizations in making the move from legacy systems and services to cloud provisioned deployment and systems’ consumption without headache or heartache

Cloud First Strategy

We believe that everything we do must simplify the overall experience and contribute to a consumer’s success. Our offering must be simple to transition to, simple to configure and maintain, and simple to consume.

Cloud as a philosophy focuses on platform and architecture. Things like where data, intelligence systems and services are located are very relevant, especially when considering governance, cost, risk, security and delivery to users.

Our global offering answers the locality considerations and the central tenants of risk mitigation for organizations. We strive to ensure that end users and systems integrators alike are blissfully unaware of the architectural and location choices made by the enterprise.

Our on premise architecture and infrastructure is being re-engineered to transition SYSPRO to leverage cloud architecture and cloud services. New products and services are designed to take advantage of cloud infrastructure and the provision of end user deployment of any end-point device, right from the outset.

Our strategy considers that back-end systems could be thousands of miles away from the end-points. This ensures that, architecturally, system performance considers this aspect.

We know that users care deeply about their endpoints and the devices they choose for SYSPRO utilization. Our user experience (UX) is constantly adapting and evolving in response to market requirements. It is all about simplicity, ease-of-use and intuitive responses.

The Result

SYSPRO Cloud Services is an IaaS offering that takes care of all of your core technology, storage, and networking capabilities. It delivers an always available, fully managed ERP infrastructure, removing the need for IT management, and allowing you to focus on your business.

Looking ahead we have SYSPRO 8 – a web based version accessible on any platform, from anywhere, both on premise and through the cloud. Simplified and engaging, it removes the requirement for client installations, virtualization or desktop emulation software.

A Cloud First approach is vital in assisting businesses to transition from monolithic, on premise systems to agile, cloud-enabled ERP. No more space for dinosaurs, is there?

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