Innovation Hot Topic at Davos and Closer to Home


One of the key points made at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos recently was the need to drive global economic growth through the pursuit of innovation. This pursuit also forms part of our Product Roadmap for SYSPRO moving into 2017 and beyond.

The rise and beautification of the consumer user interface and experience, especially fuelled by the mass adoption of the smartphone, has forever shifted how people interact with technology. No more clunky interfaces will be tolerated by consumers and businesses who expect intuitive, easy to use applications and devices that anticipate their needs swiftly and fluidly.

This technological revolution has of course also impacted in the ERP space and strongly influenced how we are developing our Product Roadmap and ensuring we are ahead in innovation and well equipped to future proof the businesses of our customers.

The Rise of Robotics and AI was discussed extensively at Davos and these technology trends are also impacting strongly on how we are developing and designing our software, including harnessing the power of machine learning (AI).

Innovation Drives Change

We are currently exploring the integration of Bots and AI to boost service and self-service and anticipate customer queries, harnessing technology to deliver an optimized experience for our end-users.

We are also exploring ways to extend our IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities with fluid integration and connect them to the power of AI.

As a company we are seeking to expand our business footprint globally through the pursuit of innovation that simplifies the success of our customers and optimizes their business with enhanced user engagement, availability and visibility.

Watch this space as we continue to develop, design and hone our ERP solutions for the benefit of our end users.

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