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It has been a tumultuous year right across the globe. The shock of Brexit, a spate of deadly terror attacks in Europe, the controversy of the US elections, the Syrian refugee crisis … it seems as if there isn’t a single geographical location that has been spared the wrath of 2016.

But 2016 will not only be remembered for the challenges that it presented.

Mexico’s President signed a decree that effectively protects 160 million acres for environmental conservation. Engineers in India completed the world’s largest solar power plant in just eight months. Carbon dioxide emissions have finally stopped rising despite growth in the global economy.

As is often the case, the bad remains tempered by the good.

From a software development perspective, 2016 has, fortunately, been a year that required very little tempering.

At SYSPRO, we have made some giant inroads into ensuring that our product keeps up with the lightning pace at which technology is evolving. Our focus on producing and delivering new UI/UX functionality has resulted in some exciting product enhancements.

Released in November, Predictive Search provides a fast and efficient alternative way to find information linked to a key field. Whereas previously, you might have had to navigate off a form field to search for a relevant field, this functionality allows you to access the pertinent information without leaving your current screen.

Our focus on improving the UX is evident in yet another of our 2016 initiatives: High Availability. High Availability has already reduced day-end procedures from hours to minutes to seconds and our software architecture team remain committed to increasing up-time.

The new Single Setup, released in November, offers a unified representation of over 2,200 setup options. Single Setup consolidates these options previously scattered amongst 23 programs into one central place, and allows instant access to any company’s setup options. The new program includes instant keyword search for any option, export/import facilities, comparison between companies, and enhanced help assistance.

Now with leading HTML5 technology, our new rich content web user interface enables our customers to quickly and easily surface only the information that is needed, when it is needed. This provides the relevant business insights that support daily decision-making processes.

As I write this, over 95% of our planned developments and introduction of technology innovations for 2016 have been completed and released. We look forward to delivering our 2017 scheduled developments with the same commitment and enthusiasm.

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