How ERP Can Build Digital Resilience and Enable You to Gear Up for Brexit

It has become impossible to keep pace with the UK government’s Brexit shenanigans, and business leaders are in despair about the impact the impasse is having on manufacturers. According to the latest figures from the ONS, the productivity growth of British workers slumped to a two-year low in the third quarter of 2018. On average, UK employees produce 30% less per hour than those in France, Germany and the US.

British businesses are facing growing pressure to bridge the productivity gap, and digitalization is an obvious solution. The longer the delay, the longer businesses are holding back on investment in technology to boost productivity. Yet savvy manufacturers are taking the opportunity to build their digital resilience, and implementing an ERP solution is one of the most effective ways to advance competitiveness.

1 – ERP and Productivity

The only way to help people work more productively is to embrace more effective systems and processes, and the UK government’s Made Smarter Review stated that adopting digital technology could increase productivity by more than 25% by 2025.

An effective ERP system should form the backbone of any modern manufacturing operation. Data is king and every day our customers are discovering how the ability to access, analyze and act upon key information is a prerequisite to strategic decision making.

A centralized ERP system provides full visibility of an operation’s inner workings. Empowered with that knowledge, manufacturers can concentrate on becoming fitter and leaner to compete in post-Brexit Britain.

2 – Future Proofing

The only thing certain about Britain’s Brexit dilemma is uncertainty. Manufacturers have to mitigate against the impact of exiting the EU by taking affirmative action and invest in their digital resilience.

Our job at K3 Syspro has always been to respond to the pain points of our customers and develop a suite of solutions which help them meet the challenges ahead. For those looking to future-proof their business in turbulent economic conditions such as this, we must demonstrate how ERP can revolutionize the way people work.

Whether it is automating mundane tasks, facilitating joined-up working, or driving tangible gains in productivity, SYSPRO transforms the way businesses operate in a complex global climate.

3 – Time to Invest in SYSPRO ERP

SYSPRO tools are designed to be user-friendly, with customers able to enjoy a seamless migration from their legacy systems. Our integration capabilities mean companies will see a speedy return on investment and there is no time to waste in preparing for life beyond Brexit.

SYSPRO solutions are an obvious choice for businesses looking to equip themselves with all the powers they need to confront the unpredictable. As the Brexit ordeal continues, it is impossible to predict what lies in store. The best manufacturers can do is build their resilience and embrace digitalization to ensure they are in the best possible shape to face the battles and exploit the opportunities ahead.

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