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How to Personalize Your Learning Management System for a Better UX

Personalized Learning Management System for better UX

My husband and I had a chuckle the other day as we realized we were turning into our parents. While driving, we changed from the radio station playing the latest hits to the one that plays old school hits and immediately started singing along. Just like our parents used to do.

We love music and subscribe to Google music, which is constantly streaming. Even better is that it suggests songs and artists based on what we play most often. Through this, I have discovered cool new (old) tunes. My music is personalized, which means I no longer have to hit the “Skip” icon.

Understanding that personalization is part of our everyday lives, we have implemented a more personal experience on our Learning Management System (LMS).  In fact, I wrote about this being an e-Learning trend in my previous blog. My slant three months ago was based on how companies can personalize programs for their learners, based on the company’s requirements.

Personalized learning improves the user experience, which helps to drive engagement by highlighting content that will assist them in their role.

Here are three things that we have implemented, which can be applied to any Learning Management System (LMS) for a better UX:

1 – My Home Page

Our online learners now have a simplified, personalized home page, with the approach that it’s all about them.

This page contains Suggested Learning. Sometimes, learners are not sure where to start and instead of sifting through all content, they can view a selection of content aimed at their roles, thereby instantly surfacing learning concepts and skills that they need.

In addition, once learners begin working through courses, we position these courses on their home page for quick access to content they are working through. This caters for corporate learners who, if they have a few minutes for learning, can quickly access their content.

2 – My Dashboard

The My Dashboard section clearly indicates a learner’s achievements and the learner’s position on the leaderboard. This focuses entirely on the learner and their specific learning pathway, giving them a precise picture of their current development and what more they need to do.

3 – My Playlists

The My Playlists feature also allows learners to group content that interests them. So, even if their role requires them to work through specific content, they may elect to create a playlist of topics that are not part of required learning. This again assists with their personal growth and quick access to content of interest.

We are on a journey with our LMS and we’re developing ways to personalize the experience further. Personalized learning gives learners a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved but can also include what they want to achieve.

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