A Master Class in ERP Learning and Development


Last week I finally succumbed to the advertisements for MasterClass. This is because they now have Jane Goodall and Neil deGrasse Tyson as instructors. Two of my heroes. That hook got me onto the site and now I can see many other courses that I’m interested in.

For those of you who don’t know, MasterClass is an education platform that provides everyone access to topics such as filmmaking, book writing, cooking, tennis, acting, photography — even producing electronic music. But the best part is that the instructors are all world-renowned in their field, so you already know their credentials before signing up.

Adapting the Business Model

What intrigued me about the site is that originally, they were charging per course but decided to include an annual subscription model for access to all their courses. Providing this business model really improved their sales and they found interesting facts that people would join because they were interested in one area but ended up exploring other, far-removed-from-the-first-course topics.

SYSPRO does the same. We like to ensure that our customers have choice and flexibility when purchasing and using our product. This is extending to our Learning Management System too. We’re on our way to introducing course by course purchases. Currently, we provide an annual subscription that provides access to all product education.

Enhancing Performance and Growth

To perform, users need to know job-specific information. On the job learning and just in time learning are important for the present, and this can be aided by a course-by-course investment.

To grow, exposure to more features and functions is key. Those users who want a career are those you want to keep in the business. To keep these users in the business, you need to invest in them, provide a clear learning path and help them on their way to success. This is supported by a subscription investment as there are learning paths and certifications in place to help users on their way.

We may not have the celebrity pull of Gordon Ramsey and Anna Wintour but we are looking out for our customers, giving them choice and flexibility and keeping them future-proof (just like our product).

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