The on-the-go worker, access to real-time data and SYSPRO Espresso: The New 3 Musketeers!


I recently spent a few days on the road visiting customers across various US states. Preparing for this trip, I felt a little stressed about how I would still be able to manage SYSPRO USA’s Social Media Accounts even though I would be spending the majority of each day away from my laptop or any sort of office setting. Thankfully, social media has vastly evolved over the past few years and mobile application developments like the Twitter and Facebook Apps allow me the freedom to still do my job even though I may not be in the office. At the end of my trip I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight home and I spent some time catching up on work on my iPad. Reflecting back on my week, I started to think about how Enterprise Software has also immensely evolved to keep up with trends and what is now known as the “on-the-go” worker. Similar to my situation of needing to maintain my work while on-the-go, manufacturers and distributors need the ability to run their businesses away from the office and their biggest necessity is access to real-time data.

So, what has SYSPRO done to keep up with a workforce that is demanding more mobility every day? Answer: Develop a ground-breaking platform for the mobile world, known as SYSPRO Espresso. Like SYSPRO, the SYSPRO Espresso mobile application is targeted specifically at mid-market manufacturing or distribution executives and employees who require immediate access to decision-making information and real-time data when not office bound. The SYSPRO Espresso architecture is revolutionary, the first mobile platform of its kind focused at manufacturers and distributors and one of the first to use a single codebase to create native applications for any mobile device. SYSPRO Espresso is device and platform agnostic; it works on iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android mobile devices. Espresso has built-in powerful customization capabilities both for the end-user and developers to engage.

SMB manufacturers and distributors can benefit immensely from adopting the SYSPRO Espresso mobile solution:

  • Increased productivity and better decisions – search and retrieve up-to-date information whenever you need
  • Empowered employees – work and access secure information anywhere, anytime
  • Improved customer engagement – provide real-time sales and service information
  • Streamlined supply chain – supplier and inventory data at your fingertips
  • Tailored experience – customize the look and experience of SYSPRO Espresso applications
  • Always accessible – even when not connected, SYSPRO Espresso applications work offline (synchronize later when you have a connection)
  • Library of applications available – SYSPRO Espresso applications will be available via the community platform of the SYSPRO App Store

SYSPRO is the first to market an all-inclusive, device-independent ERP mobile solution specifically for its customers. Not only does it support multiple mobile devices as well as the desktop, but the SYSPRO Espresso architecture enables full customization by both the user to adjust how the user interface (UI) behaves, as well as by the developer through the use of components (building blocks) to add business functionality on the server. The release of an application like SYSPRO Espresso seamlessly blends the relationship between an on-the-go worker and access to real time data. In fact, they’re this generation’s version of the Three Musketeers!

Stay tuned for more information regarding SYSPRO Espresso in the next coming months.

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