Digital Transformation Key to Overcoming Crisis


Humanitarian crises have significant implications for business. The COVID-19 virus is causing a disruption in local and global supply chains, forcing governments into issuing national lockdowns and driving businesses to find new ways to operate.

As a result, organizations of all sizes are having to reimagine their workflow and re-evaluate their priorities considering a completely new set of needs. However, many businesses in a variety of industries can overcome the challenges they face by adopting technologies into their operations to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

By investing in technology, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), organizational users can easily connect at any time, from anywhere, and still ensure that the organization continues to operate successfully. There are also a few other solutions that make remote working possible or provide the tools needed to manage operations, communicate with suppliers or employees, and manage customer engagement in several ways. These technologies include SYSPRO’s Avanti, Harmony, and Espresso products, which work together to create a remote and digitally transformed business.

Avanti Web Interface

Organizations today need a solution that allows them to quickly and easily connect to their ERP from anywhere at any time. Avanti provides choice and flexibility to quickly and easily access your ERP solution through a web browser.

The SYSPRO Avanti web interface offers the same familiar experience, whether accessing SYSPRO via the web or Microsoft Windows, and whether deployed on-premise, in the cloud or both using a hybrid model.

Avanti does not require any installation on the Windows desktop or device all that is required is a web browser. The web interface is easy to use, intuitive, and responsive, which provides employees with a simplified, engaging, and rewarding user experience. Most importantly, users can choose the device that best meets the task at hand, whether in the office, on the shop floor, or from home, and continue to work just as before.


Harmony is a next-generation, user-friendly social media-type platform designed to streamline business processes and improve communication channels, to create a productive and satisfying working environment which is embedded into an ERP system.

By accessing and relaying real-time information, insights, and trends through Social ERP, businesses can act instantly and decisively helping increase responsiveness, lead times, and overall productivity. With Harmony, accounts can collaborate with purchasing, logistics with supply chain, manufacturing with product design, finance with PR, sales with marketing, the head office with branches. In fact, with Harmony, there are no boundaries to collaboration.

One of Harmony’s fundamental differences is that it allows disparate parts of an organization to easily collaborate on any business activity across all locations. The collaborative environment fostered by Harmony can extend across all key players in an organization, connecting decision-makers, management, problem solvers, consultants, and strategic thinkers. This direct, 24/7 access to people and the information that’s relevant and critical to the roles and tasks at hand, gives users the ability to communicate instantly within their network of associates.


SYSPRO Espresso is a mobile solution that provides access to SYSPRO business software on any smartphone or tablet. SYSPRO Espresso mobile apps can work on most devices, providing instant and secure access to information about customers, suppliers, orders, inventory items, and other key business information.

Espresso provides real-time information where users can search and retrieve up-to-date information whenever needed.

Combining these products

Using products such as SYSPRO’s Avanti, Harmony, and Espresso can give organizations the tools it needs to overcome the challenges it faces today. Digital transformation is proving to be vital for the sustainability of many industries and this pandemic has forced companies to visit digital transformation faster.

Although most companies understand the importance of digital transformation, many are overwhelmed by the idea of having to revamp their entire digital approach. The goal of a digital transformation is to enable and support solutions to solve traditional problems, which means integrating technology into relevant areas of the business. When done right, digital transformation allows companies to provide unprecedented value to customers.

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