Terence Moolman

Terence Moolman

Terence is the Chief Strategy and People Officer at SYSPRO. His core responsibilities entail steering a global HR strategy aimed at driving growth and excellence through talent attraction and management at SYSPRO. He believes that people are at the core of an organization’s success in delivering world-class software for digital transformation that gives customers the competitive advantage in a global economy. Terence has extensive experience in improving the organization holistically through sustainable people strategies and firmly believes that HR plays a significant role in the organization to enhance the customer experience. Prior to his role at SYSPRO, he spent nine years at Smollan in various capacities including HR Executive. He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Stellenbosch and is an advisory council member to the HR Tech Fest Council.

Posts by Terence Moolman

Technology (Enterprise Technology)Manufacturing

How AI is transforming skills in manufacturing

Reading Time: 6 minutes This time last year artificial intelligence (AI) was an obscure, mainly academic, technology to most of us. In the last …

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ERP and TechnologyERP and Digitization

The smart factory Part 4: What skills do manufacturers and distributors need in the factory of the future?

Reading Time: 4 minutes As manufacturers and distributors inject their operations with innovative technologies in an effort to transform them into smart factories, a …

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ERP for ManufacturingERP and Lean Manufacturing

How to attract skilled millennials to manufacturing

Reading Time: 4 minutes Baby boomers are retiring en masse, and the manufacturing sector is hungry for new talent. Millennials may just be the …

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Digital Business and ERPEducation

How Manufacturers can Easily Transition into the Future of Work – Key Considerations

Reading Time: 3 minutes The acceleration of technological adoption has created a new frontier for the world of work. With the rise of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce …

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ERP and TechnologyBusiness software

Learning Strategies for the New World of Work

Reading Time: 7 minutes If nothing else, 2020 has shown that learning new digital tools and technologies is important for everyone. The world has …

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Digital Business and ERPBusiness software

Merging Technology with Employee Wellbeing to Reimagine the Future of Work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the last few weeks, one thing has become clear – the world as we know it has changed. As social distancing becomes …

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ERP EducationEducation

Key Factors to Closing the Global Digital Skills Gap

Reading Time: 5 minutes The annual World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland, is the single most influential gathering of world leaders and business innovators …

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