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SAICA Leadership Summit Identifies Key Disruption Trends

Johannesburg – 12 September, 2016 – SYSPRO was a co-sponsor of the 2016 SAICA (South Africa Institute of Chartered Accountants) Leadership Summit at which the focus was on key drivers of market change.

Business leaders and analysts shared their thoughts throughout the two day summit and included a spotlight on disruptive marketing.

Changing with Change

Mark Barnes, recently appointed CEO of SAPO (South African Post Office) stressed that the biggest mistake companies can make is expecting customers to come to them when, with the birth of user- friendly technology, customers now expect companies to come to the customer with products and services instead.

He pointed out that this is the lesson learnt by traditional industries like video rental shops, overtaken by Netflix, and metered taxis overtaken by Uber, where customers can consume/order products and services from the comfort of their homes.

Barnes recommended the need for a participative economic structure that includes government, business and labor but the obstacle is an absence of a common purpose. He says the future is coalitions in business like the partnering of Makro and Sasol, where goods can be conveniently ordered online and picked up at a storage locker in a Sasol forecourt.

Looking to other industry disruptors he said that the parcel business in India had shot up by 37 percent in 2015 as more consumers ordered goods online, and predicted that shopping malls could become redundant. Barnes also commented on “democratized lending” which could lead to disruption of banks and financial services, possibly becoming obsolete in the next decade as more products and services are sourced online.

ERP Disruption

According to Doug Hunter, Product Services Manager at global ERP provider SYSPRO, disruption is also a key trend in the ERP space as customers are expecting anticipatory solutions. Instead of waiting for the customer to call when there is a problem, solution providers need to monitor customers regularly and go to them proactively.

In customer service terms ERP providers need to provide solutions to deliver intuitive customer service on an ongoing basis. Hunter says with the age of AI (artificial intelligence) chatbots are going to be huge for support services as they will intuitively match answers to customers service/product queries and prevent call centers from becoming clogged while freeing up customer support resources.

Hunter also believes the future is going into coalitions with customers and leveraging off economies of scale to service customers throughout the continent in their multilocations.

He concludes that market disrupters are showing everyone the necessity to learn new things, change with the times and “unlearn” at the speed of change.


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