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SYSPRO USA Adds Powerful Voyage & Container Tracking Solution to ERP Software

Newly Released 3-Part Supply Chain Management/Analytics Solution for Manufacturers, Distributors

Streamlines Inter-Company Buy-to-Stock or Buy-to-Build Processes with New Visibility, Predictability

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SYSPRO USA, a provider of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise, mobile and cloud-based utilization, has announced today the general immediate release of a new supply chain management solution for global manufacturers and distributors. Called Voyage & Container Tracking, the powerful three-part solution was built from requirements outlined by SYSPRO’s base of more than 15,000 global clients and has been refined over a two-year period of operation with a metro-New York City area cosmetic component manufacturer/ distributor.

The solution is available now as part of the SYSPRO ERP solution in either an on-premise or cloud deployment model and was launched here in Boston today at the company’s Winter Analyst Roadshow before two dozen industry technology analysts.

The Voyage & Container Tracking Solution for SYSPRO has three major components with multiple features and functions embedded throughout:

  1. Release Matrix (Identification/Management of Items Available for Shipment): This multi-part release includes visibility and management of items outlined in purchase orders and sales orders, unifying both components into a single release. SYSPRO allows users to assess what’s available, adjust quantities and view expected departure/delivery dates.
  2. Container Management: Determining which of the released products/parts/goods will travel in which containers, at which times, is a critical component of managing both single and multiple releases. Since released goods are no longer available for change once they’ve been added to a container, SYSPRO provides the ability to consolidate purchase releases or transfer order releases into single or split formats. This allows the company to maximize container usage, regardless of products shipped and gain predictability on arrival and departure times, ports, etc.
  3. Disposition Management: This feature has multiple components, and SYSPRO allows companies to manage the delivery and processing of multiple containers in a single voyage or shipment number, as required. Ultimately, the disposition involves several factors inherent in the container shipping industry, including visibility into quarantine holds, transactional processing and voyage modification visibility. SYSPRO analytics chart elements such as the inventory costs, impact on elapsed time between ports, management of the number of containers shipped (by month, voyage, shipper and specific ports) etc.

“This is a huge opportunity for SYSPRO’s globally operating companies to streamline, analyze and gain predictability into their container shipping activities,” said Brian Stein, CEO of SYSPRO USA. “The container shipping industry is a massive $150 billion market, and the implications of even small changes can be enormous to the mid-market manufacturers and distributors that comprise the SYSPRO base. SYSPRO is renowned for taking the drama out of ERP operations, limiting the hype on technologies and offering easier-to-use-and-implement software solutions. Once again, SYSPRO is leveling the playing field for the mid-sized company that wants to compete profitably and efficiently against much larger companies.”

SYSPRO Infusing Analytics into Container Tracking/Delivery

SYSPRO is meeting, head on, some of the largest supply chain management challenges inherent in the global container tracking industry: inventory ownership, predictable/on-time shipments, quarantine management, “keep or reject” decisions and assessment of the overall availability of the contracted shipper to deliver. By infusing visibility and analytic components into the assessment of the supplier’s performance, the container component’s accuracy, comparative shipper cost analysis and transportation and other trends, SYSPRO ERP customers gain newfound efficiencies. The ability to graphically view comparatives on various shippers and suppliers, coupled with real data on inventory shipped, is a powerful factor in both top and bottom-line decision-making.

“By removing the information silos that are pervasive throughout the supply chain process, SYSPRO is uniting massive amounts of data into a useful dashboard for decision makers,” Stein said.

Proven by Wormser Corporation in 6 International Locations

In 2012, Wormser Corporation, an importer and manufacturer of cosmetic components for globally recognized brands, abandoned its ERP deployment in favor of SYSPRO ERP. With six worldwide locations, including Shanghai, Germany, England and others, and increasingly complex supply chain and distribution requirements, Wormser needed a fully-integrated ERP solution that provided multi-area visibility into its global business processes and operations.

After reviewing offerings from Sage, SAP, Epicor and SYSPRO, Wormser saw clearer value from SYSPRO and ultimately deployed SYSPRO Financials, Reporting, Inventory Controls, Distribution Management and Supply Chain Management. Wormser also sought to streamline its container tracking management by infusing greater tracking, predictability and analytic features that would deliver new efficiencies through the Voyage and Container Tracking Solution developed by SYSPRO USA.

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