SYSPRO Once Again Leads the Way by Delivering Practical ERP Business Solutions for Leveraging IoT Devices and an AI-Infused Interface

Industry IT Influencers Say New Software Release Puts SYSPRO in the Lead of IT Innovation

Costa Mesa, CA – June 20, 2018 – SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built ERP software, today announced that with their latest release will be delivering the ERP market’s first available business solutions infusing two of the technology market’s hottest topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). SYSPRO is demonstrating the new capabilities to the world’s leading technology analysts during a two-week roadshow in Boston, MA, and at its U.S. headquarters outside of Los Angeles. The capabilities are part of the company’s new SYSPRO ERP latest release, of which general availability will be from July 9, 2018.

This is the second time that SYSPRO has delivered leading edge ERP technology capabilities in practical application, versus as future strategies and concept tests. SYSPRO was first heralded in 2010 for its advanced delivery of a full site of pragmatic, user- and device-friendly mobile applications ahead of other ERP competitors.

“Companies are under significant pressure by their boards to get beyond all of the technology talk they’ve been hearing for years and get to the smart factory of the future,” said Brian Sommer, President of TechVentive, and one of the ERP industry’s top IT analysts. “They are hungry for an ERP vendor to take the lead on this and actually deliver today real, useful technologies that can bridge the gulf between what they have installed now and where they need to go. They need guidance on what technologies can immediately deliver the most benefits, they want these solutions out of the box; and, they want this without having to pay an army of implementers to deliver (or build) it.”

Analysts also say that while they have heard great future strategies and seen some interesting test environments from ERP vendors, manufacturing and distribution companies aren’t seeing the pragmatic options available to them today to make digital transformation a reality in their organizations.

“SYSPRO, unlike other legacy providers, continues to keep up with cutting-edge technologies and incorporates these into the solution,” said Ted Rohm, Senior ERP Analyst, Technology Evaluation Centers. “SYSPRO was an early adopter of mobile technology, and its SYSPRO Mobile ERP suite now has more than 50 apps, with more on the way. The SYSPRO Harmony social ERP and the company’s adoption of artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are further proof that SYSPRO is committed to staying ahead of the technology trends.”

SYSPRO has precociously adopted and is delivering two specific emerging technologies in the company’s newest release. The first is the enablement of integrated digital devices (IoT) to help companies protect assets, better direct business initiatives, and improve planning. The second is the provisioning of “Digital Citizens” across companies to provide engaging connection points between workers, customers, and supply chain partners.  These artificially intelligent bots let companies remove costly repetitive human and process redundancies.

SYSPRO IoT Supports Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Initiatives

Facilitating the path forward to get to the “smart factory” of the future, SYSPRO is leveraging Industry 4.0 automation and data exchange capabilities to support cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. SYSPRO’s new release specifically allows manufacturers to connect their current factory/corporate equipment seamlessly to the traditional shop floor and other ERP technologies already in use. It works contextually and collaboratively within the SYSPRO ERP business solution.

Key features of the new SYSPRO release include a number of native drivers for plug-and-play connectivity to the most common factory machines and devices.  SYSPRO combines machine data with job and stock code information to provide specific cost and productivity insights, delivers comprehensive error reductions, and previously unavailable machine-based alerting, controls and actions.

SYSPRO outlines these specific benefits that are available immediately via IoT and other features of its new software release:

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Improvements
  • Real-Time Exact Status Tracking of Equipment and Jobs
  • Job Costing Accuracy
  • Loss Visualization and Continuous Improvement

These new capabilities are delivered out-of-the-box, with highly customizable analytic, alerting, and view parameters as desired.

SYSPRO’s AI to UI ERP Breakthrough

SYSPRO’s new release will also be able to address the large amounts of structured and unstructured business and industry data that companies increasingly need to consider as part of their decision-making process. SYSPRO’s underlining architecture, infused with ML/AI has the means to make sense of this data and provide the analysis and delivery of insights to users.

A further technology release sees the introduction of digital citizens that operate in conjunction with artificial intelligence and are deployed to handle repetitive tasks across the organization and supply chain.  These “bots” integrate directly into the SYSPRO business processes and are able to be trained on the skills they are able to perform. They are made available either directly through the UI or other platforms for engagement for both internal and external stakeholders, through mediums such as social-media, websites or chat programs.

Importantly the information or results from SYSPRO’s AI or digital citizens are delivered seamlessly to the UI enabling users to quickly and easily surface key insights and drive improved business behavior.

“No matter the size of the company doing business with SYSPRO ERP solutions – whether it’s a high-transaction environment or more elastic in nature – the SYSPRO ERP product suite from October 2018 will deliver artificial intelligence benefits directly via the user interface,” said Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer, SYSPRO.

Examples of specific SYSPRO AI to UI deployment that can substantially impact company operations include:

  • Natural language and skills linking in BOTS
  • Trends and anomaly detection and notifications delivered via Harmony, Social-ERP platform
  • Recommendations as part of the daily operations, e.g. cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in sales, auto-suggestions of using different locations
  • Regression and prediction models delivered via business insights, notifications and initiating business moments and orchestration via workflow

Additionally, SYSPRO has also spent the past 18 months analyzing the interface of next-generation technology in context to how the new wave of millennial users operate in the workforce.


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