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SYSPRO Listed Among Top “Manufacturing” and “Finance Tech” Solution Providers

CIO Review Magazine Places SYSPRO on Lists of “20 Most Promising 2015 Providers” in “Manufacturing” & “Financials.” Includes Interview with SYSPRO Management

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SYSPRO, a provider of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise, mobile and cloud-based utilization, today announced that CIO Review, a publication which calls itself, “The Navigator for Enterprise Solutions,” has included SYSPRO in the magazine’s most current “Most Promising Providers” listings. In the June 26, 2015, issue, SYSPRO is listed as one of 20 “Most Promising Corporate Financial Tech Solution Providers,” and in the June 30, 2015, issue, SYSPRO is named one of the “20 Most Promising Manufacturing Tech Solution Providers.”

The June 30 issue also features an article on SYSPRO, “Synchronizing ERP Solutions with Business Models.” The article – based on the publication’s interview of Brian Stein, CEO, SYSPRO USA, and Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA, notes that “SYSPRO offers ERP solutions that cover a large arc from the food and beverages industry to medical devices and aerospace, consumer durables and machinery and electronics.”

The article quotes Benadretti: “SYSPRO and its Channel have garnered strong acclamation for streamlining ERP requirements according to customers’ business models.” As illustration, Benadretti describes how SYSPRO has enabled Rochester Electronics to “revamp” its ERP software. “The customer needed new SQL server databases, business analytics, analytics, order systems and easy customization and integration,” notes Benadretti, adding, “SYSPRO assisted them in changing their database, integrating multiple business applications, replacing existing internal applications, upgrading the reporting platform while revising critical processes.” Additionally, he describes how Rochester is now able to “track inventories, trace customer information and integrate warehouse and CRM systems with SYSPRO ERP.”

Stein closes the article with a comment on SYSPRO’s future plans: “We are planning to integrate more advanced features to our ERP solutions to cater to the needs of a growing community of large, multinational clients.”

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