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SYSPRO ERP Software Choice of Leading Manufacturer of Deer Feeders, Deer Blinds

Boss Buck Selects SYSPRO ERP Based on Functionality, Ease-of-Use, Reliability

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SYSPRO, a provider of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on premise, cloud-based and mobile utilization, announced today that Texas-based Boss Buck, a leading manufacturer of deer feeders, deer blinds and related equipment, has chosen SYSPRO ERP based on the software’s deep functionality, ease-of-use, reliability and cost.

According to Tiffani Boyer, Boss Buck vice president, “The format of the [SYSPRO ERP] software and ease of use are very simple and straightforward, which is the business model we use on a regular basis, so it made sense to have a system that was built the same way.” Boyer continues: “Additionally, with SYSPRO we have both a cloud and home-based system for extra insurance that our system would never be disabled. We were considering other cloud-based software programs, but the overall cost, learning time and reliability are what helped us make our final decision to choose SYSPRO.”

Boyer explains that the company had been using AddOn software for the past 15 years but needed a system that would provide “the highest technology, more accurate forecasting, better inventory control, quicker daily processing and outstanding reliability.”

About Boss Buck

Boss Buck offers a complete line of deer feeders, deer stands, deer blinds and deer feeder parts. Boss Buck is the manufacturer of the cutting edge line of patented Non-Typical Wildlife Feeders and Comfort Zone Hunting Blinds in addition to an assortment of select hunting apparel. The company is located at 210 S. Highway 175, Seagoville, TX.

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