SYSPRO ERP helps Industrial fill Product Manufacturer to Reach 20% Operational Gains Despite Cost ‘Unknowns’

Sphere One Now Accurately Scopes Materials/Production Costs with No Prior Industry Benchmarks; Coal Waste Product Sales Gain New Profits with SYSPRO

Costa Mesa, CA – November 29, 2018 – SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built ERP software, today announced that its customer, Sphere One of Chattanooga, TN, is achieving significant and measurable operational gains upon implementing the SYSPRO ERP solution. Sphere One is reporting over 20% improvement in both its materials and production cost basis, and claims it is also at least 20% more accurate in its knowledge of supplies, shipped products, and available inventory.

A manufacturing industry pioneer, Sphere One carved out a new product market space by innovatively leveraging coal-fired power plant waste into re-usable filler products that are useful additives for road paving, home-building materials, agricultural compounds, chemical formulas, and other purposes. The company reviewed several ERP solution providers before selecting and deploying SYSPRO in2014, a decision that Sphere One management said was driven by SYSPRO’s flexibility and customization capabilities. Critically important to the company was addressing cost, production, materials and inventory data that could not be pre-determined through prior industry benchmarks – those benchmarks didn’t exist in any industry.

“With SYSPRO ERP, we now have a more accurate projection of materials requirements, what those supplies cost and our total cost basis for fulfilling contracts for our various industry customers. This lets us do four things better: control our materials purchases,  know what’s going to be left in inventory after fulfilling jobs, streamline our production schedule, and predict our financial needs and profit margins,” says Stacy Filippone, Sphere One, Accounting Manager.

Ms. Filippone said that initial forays into other technology solutions produced cost-sapping guesswork on both the materials acquisition and production processing side.  She said that the company simply didn’t have the answers to questions like, “What is producing product for this customer contract going to cost us?  What do we have in materials inventory afterwards and what will be left over? What should we sell out products for? What is our profit margin going to look like today and tomorrow?”   Today, the operational visibility issue that had challenged Sphere One was removed through SYSPRO material and product traceability, improved processes and reductions in manual input errors tied to raw materials availability and product inventory.

SYSPRO says that the flexibility and customization capabilities of the company’s functionally-rich and technologically deep ERP solution makes SYSPRO a great choice for companies like Sphere One that are dealing with challenges not well-addressed by rigid ERP systems.  “Sphere One is another real example of a successful SYSPRO deployment that incorporates our ‘have it your way’ competitive advantage,” explains Paulo de Matos, Chief Product Officer, SYSPRO.  “While cookie-cutter templated ERP solutions are fine for some companies, many others, like Sphere One, have unique industry challenges and need the agility to deal with a wide variety of unknown and changing factors.  SYSPRO has a long reputation for making each deployment feel as if it was built exactly to our customer’s own unique specifications.”

About Sphere one  

Sphere One is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based manufacturer and distributor of microsphere by-products re-engineered from the waste of coal-fired power plants to provide lightweight, resilient and environmentally-friendly fillers for a wide variety of industrial products.  The company’s ExtendoSpheres ®, SoloSpheres, SynetheticSpheres and XOL Series Spheres are purchased to customized specifications for a wide variety of industries including, agricultural, road and home construction and chemical company formulations.   In addition to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, the company has multiple distribution points across North America, including distribution sites on every coast


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