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E-learning Boosted as SYSPRO Learning Channel Launched

Johannesburg – June 12, 2017 – SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built ERP software has announced the launch of their new Learning Channel. Many traditional business models are being disrupted through innovative technology and education is no exception. Learning especially is going through a big disruption and technology is the great enabler helping to resolve this.

Access to information and the way of learning is changing. Information is becoming an Internet search away and all it takes to learn something new is the desire or need of an individual. Because of this changing trend and need, the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) was developed.

According to Louise Thompson, Chief Services Officer at global ERP provider SYSPRO, “We are taking all of our learning online. We will still have classroom courses but now all our course collateral will be available online as well. This makes it more affordable and we can reach a greater number of students. Our employees, students, channel partners and customers will all have access to our courses, PDFs, videos and Webinars.

“This includes their own personal dashboards that show them what courses they are enrolled in, what content and lessons have been covered and what awards, incentives and rewards they have acquired, all on one site.

“We have effectively created a learning and knowledge ‘one-stop shop’ online that, unlike traditional learning models, gives our participants learning on-demand as and when it’s needed. Learners can stop/start courses, using the tracking or target and re-watch areas of courses they are rusty on until they are up-to-date, setting their own pace and enabling more effective and faster learning.”

Thompson says the SYSPRO Learning Channel was released internally in early December and will be made available to customers this week. “We have standardised globally across all our regions in the US, Canada, UK, Asia Pacific and Africa. The SLC will also give added benefits to channel partners and we offer a number of services to help them make the most of their partnership with SYSPRO.”

Thompson says another benefit of e-learning is that it controls the cost of education as students do not need to commute to a classroom or pay for accommodation to go to class but can access the SLC site from anywhere, contributing to a lower environmental impact as well. In addition they can access it any time, so do not need to lose out on “revenue” hours, but can rather learn when they have the time available.

The landscape of education has irrevocably changed through e-learning. Changed for the better.


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