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CORRECTING and REPLACING Analyst Sees Value for SYSPRO Customers in New Container Tracking Module

New Module Seen As Addressing Challenges Inherent in Global Container Tracking Industry

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In the first paragraph, first sentence of release, the reference to the Container Tracking Module should read: USA SYSPRO Container Tracking Module.

The corrected release reads:


New Module Seen As Addressing Challenges Inherent in Global Container Tracking Industry

SYSPRO, a provider of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise, mobile and cloud-based utilization, has announced that Predrag Jakovljevic, a leading industry analyst with Technology Evaluation Centers, has commented on the release of the new USA SYSPRO Container Tracking Module, part of the company’s Supply Chain and Logistics Solution. The new module was announced at a recent analyst gathering in Boston.

Says Jakovljevic, “The three-part solution was built from requirements outlined by SYSPRO’s base . . . and has been refined over a two-year period of operation with metro-New York City area cosmetic component importer, manufacturer and distributor Wormser Corporation.

“SYSPRO’s new SCM solution is available as part of the SYSPRO ERP suite in either an on-premise or cloud deployment model. The container shipping industry is a massive $150 billion market, and the implications of even small shipping changes can be enormous, especially to mid-market manufacturers and distributors.

“With this new solution SYSPRO is addressing the challenges inherent in the global container tracking industry, such as inventory ownership, predictable/on-time shipments, quarantine management, ‘keep or reject’ decisions, and assessment of the overall availability of the contracted shipper to deliver. By infusing visibility and analytic components into the assessment of the supplier’s performance, the container component’s accuracy, comparative shipper cost analysis and transportation, and other trends, SYSPRO [USA] ERP customers can gain efficiencies. The ability to graphically view comparatives on various shippers and suppliers, coupled with real data on inventory shipped, should be a powerful factor in both top- and bottom-line decision-making.

“SYSPRO seems to be onto something with this important, yet rare functionality. The vendor’s typical mid-market ERP competitors will be hard pressed to deliver similar capabilities in a timely manner.”

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