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Collaborative IT and AI creating shared global future for WEF

SYSPRO Corporate – February 19, 2018 – The theme for the World Economic Forum in Davos this year,” Creating a shared future in a fractured world” highlights how old alliances are shifting as advances in collaborative technology continue to buck the global trend by unifying businesses and pulling people together into digital communities.

The consumerization and democratization of IT is creating communities of the future even as traditional coalitions fracture through isolationism and Brexit.

Impact of Automation

According to Chief Innovation Officer, Kevin Dherman, at global ERP provider SYSPRO,” People should not fear technology innovation as it can initially disrupt industry sectors but ultimately brings people together and creates a range of new jobs and skillsets. Look at the Wright Brothers and the discovery of aviation which gave rise to a massive flight manufacturing and service industry including workers, pilots, attendants, ground crew, engineers, technicians and airport staff to name a few.”

So, we are seeing disruptive technologies increasing collaboration globally as old alliances diminish. Dherman says Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will also continue to intensify in 2018.

The automotive industry also transformed the economy when it was born, creating jobs and opportunities even as it introduced the assembly line. Dherman says the next evolution of automated, driverless cars will also fuel a global adoption and explosion of AI, vital for the cars to function effectively. Self-drive cars will probably be obsolete and many in museums in less than 20 years.

Cost of virtual reality to reduce

Virtual reality devices have always been relatively expensive but the cost of these electronic devices will also become more affordable as the cost of silicon and the silicon chips drops sharply towards the end of this year. This will further drive adoption rates and accelerate the formation of global communities through collaboration via increasingly enhanced user interfaces (UI).

Consumerization of IT within business

The consumerization of IT is also impacting on business processes with social media formats and UI increasingly being adopted by business software companies. Users collaborate with ERP systems for example through their core mobile device applications. More Bots are also becoming the “face” of their companies as AI and automation increase. For example, Dherman says SYSPRO has created a Bot called KenBot who lives inside Skype and Facebook and uses AI to answer customer queries and drive behavior and visibility.

Collaborative software is also growing business communities as millennials increasingly connect to work from home and miss the daily commuter rush. Collaborative IT and AI are unifying global communities and businesses, changing the way we work and pulling people together, even as some traditional alliances fracture. We are creating a shared future.

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