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Life Sciences Software

  • Shrink R&D, testing and clinical trial costs
  • Streamline compliance with FDA and global safety regulations
  • Ensure quality and safety with traceability of parts and products
  • Optimize supply chain and inventory management
  • Gain visibility into unit costs and performance across your operations


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Life Sciences ERP

Reduce risks and promote health with SYSPRO ERP software

If your business operates in the life sciences industry, you already know you need tight controls over product quality and safety. Not just for regulatory compliance – but because your mission is improving consumer and patient health. At the same time, you need to control costs and respond quickly to market demand.

But without the right management software, the risks loom. To compete effectively, you need the right tools to help you support product R&D and change control; automate core processes; forecast, schedule and plan in real time; and enable continuous performance improvement. Are you operating strategically with the insights you need to innovate and grow?

Discover how life sciences software from SYSPRO can help you develop, market and distribute products that help consumers, while minimizing your liability. Get new products to market faster, manage quality and hazardous materials, reduce costs in production, and streamline your supply chain with the help of our proven industry frameworks.

Manage Research & Development

  • Accurately track and analyze R&D costs
  • Secure batch review and approval processes with electronic signatures
  • Ensure multiple levels of authorization and electronic change sign-off with comprehensive change control and workflow

Optimize Supply Chain

  • Manage inventory based on FIFO-FEFO batch controls, shelf life monitoring and full traceability
  • Gain visibility to match supply with demand, with robust forecasting and planning tools
  • Simplify purchasing with barcoding and lot tracking
  • Improve control over ingredient and raw material sourcing
  • Handle returns (RMAs) and defective material issues with greater efficiency

Streamline Production Management

  • Support formulas and associated processing instructions and notes for use during batch process production
  • Control costs and maximize capacity with simpler planning, estimating and production scheduling
  • Resolve bottlenecks faster with real-time work in progress monitoring and exception alerts
  • Gain visibility into which resources – raw materials, machines, labor, packaging – are consumed in each project, for better cost control
  • See trends and patterns for rework so you can eliminate errors due to quality issues
  • Know who worked on what, when, with full audit trail reporting

Solve Regulatory Compliance Challenges

  • Gain control with both forward and backward traceability of manufactured lots, serials, and component receipt from suppliers
  • Ensure quality and meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP and ISO requirements with fully integrated processes and e-signatures
  • Track inspections, product grades and quality characteristics, as well as employee skills and certifications
  • Control the investigation and resolution of customer complaints in accordance with FDA and regulatory guidelines
  • Automate documentation requirements and mitigate litigation expenses
  • Increase control and enforce continuous monitoring to prevent issues with Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) Management

Improve Sales and Customer Service

  • Simplify customer interactions with integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Provide employees with mobile access to information anytime, anywhere
  • Manage complex pricing, rebates, promotions and discount agreements more easily
  • Reduce paperwork and manual errors with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) order processing
  • Gain visibility into buying and supplier trends, so you can facilitate value stream analysis and make smart R&D choices
  • Provide employees with mobile access to information anytime, anywhere

ERP for Life Sciences

Streamline operations throughout the product lifecycle

Whether you are a supplier of biological, nutraceuticals, or synthetic products, life sciences software from SYSPRO has the industry expertise and strong, integrated technology foundation that can take your life sciences organization to the next level, simplifying processes from pre-clinical to market. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization achieve its growth goals. Also see also our solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.

Customer Success Story

“Inventory changes have led to much smoother manufacturing and compounding processes. We’ve trimmed stock by 20 percent, which is a significant amount. We are operating with better information and we now know what we use, so we can arrange spot and longer-term purchasing deals, all of which is helping to stabilize prices.”
—Managing Director, Natural Beauty Care

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