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State of the Australian Electronics Industry

Industry 4.0 technologies are inspiring innovative, increasingly competitive data-driven business models that present opportunities and challenges for the Australian electronics manufacturers over the next 10 years. Learn what technologies are available to embrace digital innovation strategies for Australian electronics manufacturers and distributors.

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To meet future challenges, Australia’s electronics companies will require a strong, integrated, industry-built software platform, from vendors who know how to address and solve both day-to-day and future challenges.

The numbers don’t lie

SYSPRO is the longest-standing independent ERP provider, and our exceptional 98% retention rate demonstrates just how trusted this software is in helping enterprise-level companies free their resources and build growth. We offer the features, customisation, support and training to be your true ERP partners as you succeed.

  • We Simplify

Your data is available at all times through intuitive and tailored dashboards. See at a glance what’s happening with financials, operations, distribution and more.

  • We Specialise

SYSPRO is designed to meet every need within manufacturing and distribution management, and can be customised for specific traceability, costing or compliance.

  • We Futureproof

Your needs are likely to evolve as you continue to grow, which is why our suite is designed to be agile and adaptive. Upgrading is a pain-free process.

Our Industry-Built ERP is Designed to Fit Your Business Now and Into The Future

With the latest release of SYSPRO, the benefits to your business are infinite. SYSRPO Avanti, SYSPRO’s web interface ERP
solution for all devices 24/7. Design your own workspace. Your ERP, your way, on your terms.


SYSPRO specializes in the manufacturing and distribution industries, with us, you get more than an ERP solution – you gain a global team of industry experts who speak your language and understand your pain points.

Choice and

SYSPRO provides the flexibility to choose the deployment that best suits your unique business needs – and budget – whether on-site, in the cloud, or both.  The ability to choose the device and interface that best meets the task at hand, anywhere, at any time.  Dependent on your role, operational need, remoteness or preferences, you can opt for the Windows UI, the web interace with its improved ease of use or our mobile platform.


Empower your users with critical insights and real-time trends for quicker analysis, decision making and execution. Users are enabled to meet their goals, targets and deadlines with improved collaboration with others and the means to act quickly and proactively.

Enable Digital

SYSRO ERP has adopted specific emerging technologies and made them available in practical application so as to afford companies the ability to redefine and reimagine how their business runs – simplifying complex technologies to achieve business optimization.  Machine Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, BOTs, Machine Learning

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