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“As we are in the process of doing implementation, SYSPRO has not let us down. They have come through with everything we need, exactly how we want it.”

– David Wormser, Principal and CEO, Wormser Corporation

The Company

Wormser Corporation is a privately-held 50-year-old company based in Englewood,  New  Jersey.  Founder  Edward  Wormser  originally  started  the  company as a wool and carpet manufacturer; it subsequently evolved to a wig, false eyelash and cosmetics brush manufacturer.

In the mid-1980’s Edward’s sons, David and Alan Wormser, became the principal  leaders  at  Wormser  Corporation  and  eventually  migrated  the  company into a manufacturer and distributor of custom cosmetics components. Today, Wormser Corporation is one of the most notable importers  and  manufacturers  of  cosmetic  components  across  the  world  with
prominent customers such as Estee Lauder, Smashbox Cosmetics, Bare Minerals and SkinnyGirl.

The Challenge

Prior to SYSPRO, Wormser Corporation was using Microsoft Navision. As the company grew, the product line diversified and the customer base expanded, company management realized their current software systems were unable to handle the growth.

Additionally, the company’s six worldwide locations were each using different  systems  and  tracking  inventory  on  spreadsheets.  The  result  was  duplication of work, multiple errors and poor visibility into global business operations. However, Wormser Corporation’s biggest challenge was the need  to  track  shipments  distributed  from  its  manufacturing  location  in  Shanghai to its 40 US warehouse locations.

With  nearly  1,000  orders  filled  per  month,  Wormser  needed  a  fully-integrated ERP solution that would provide full visibility into worldwide business processes while enhancing customer service.

The Solution

Moving forward with the process of selecting a new ERP system, key users at Wormser Corporation researched potential  vendors  and  saw  demos  from  Sage,  SAP,  Epicor  and  SYSPRO.  After  further  narrowing  down  their  options,  Wormser Corporation met with the SYSPRO Sales Team at their offices in New Jersey.  Assistant Controller Alison Danis remembers: “The SYSPRO Team came in and reviewed every step of our business process. They asked a lot of questions and really listened to  us-  so  much  it  almost  felt  like  a  therapy  session.  I  felt  that SYSPRO offered us a solution, not just a software program.”

Throughout  the  selection  process,  Wormser  Corporation continued  to  realize  that  SYSPRO  was  a  perfect  fit  for  its daily operations. The single, integrated database provided  up-to-date,  real-time  data  for  utilization  and  analysis  WORMSER CORPORATIONof accounting, manufacturing and distribution processes exactly  what  the  company  was  looking  for  in  an  ERP  solution. In addition, the development of a custom tracking  module  would  fill  Wormser  Corporation’s  need  for  overseas inventory tracking. “SYSPRO is developing a container loading and voyage tracking  module  for  us.  Our  Shanghai  office  is  going  to  be  able  to  plan  out  and  consolidate  containers,  saving  us money. This also affects our customer service. In order for us provide great customer service, we need to know the status of our orders at all times and where they are. We will be tracking our shipments every step of the way so  we  can  keep  our  customers  informed  and  our  level  of customer service at its highest,” says Controller Eileen O’Malley.

Based  on  these  capabilities  and  the  professionalism  of  the  SYSPRO  Team,  Wormser  Corporation  chose  to  implement  SYSPRO  ERP.  O’Malley  notes:  “Never  once  did  SYSPRO  pressure  us  into  making  a  decision.  They  really  wanted  us  to  feel  comfortable  with  the  product  and  not  make  a  decision  we  could  potentially  regret. They wanted us to make the right decision and that helped us to feel confident in choosing SYSPRO.”

The Result

As of June 2012, Wormser Corporation is in the process of implementing SYSPRO and is already gaining the efficiencies of an integrated, real-time database. On October 1, 2012, all six worldwide locations will go live on SYSPRO ERP.

For more details and a further look into Wormser Corporation’s daily operations, please visit the SYSPRO YouTube page for access to their customer video.



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