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Tom Barrow Company

“Prior to SYSPRO, we did a lot of paper manual processing. Since bringing on SYSPRO, we’ve automated our entire operation.
SYSPRO took us to the next level of automation.”

-David Nichols, IT Director, Tom Barrow Company

The Company

Tom Barrow Company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1955. Though he began with only a few product lines, Tom Barrow quickly earned a reputation for service and integrity. As the business grew, he added more products, as well as additional sales and support staff.

In 1965, the Tom Barrow Company expanded to a new territory with an office in Jacksonville, Florida. It was the first of several branch offices to be added over the next four decades. Up until the 1990’s, Tom Barrow Company products were primarily in the air side of HVAC systems. In 1997 the company began representing applied equipment products, including custom air handling units, custom packaged equipment and a variety of specialty products and components.

Today, the Tom Barrow Company has offices in Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida and is the largest commercial HVAC rep in the Southeast. Members of the company’s experienced sales force work closely with mechanical engineers, building owners and contractors in the selection and application of the company’s products. Today, Tom Barrow Company serves customers from 10 offices in Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

The Challenge

The company was conducting all work via the processing of paper. In fact, approximately 6,000 orders per month were manually converted into invoices, an extremely time consuming and error prone process. To facilitate order processing and inventory management as well as enhance customer service, the Tom Barrow Company deemed it advisable to computerize its operations in 1996.

The Solution

After an extensive software search, the company selected SYSPRO software based on the ability to tailor the solution to meet desired functionalities, as well as the availability of extensive training and support. Today, each of the company’s locations has been brought on-line, giving Tom Barrow Company management instant access to the status of jobs at each site, as well as inventory levels at each location.

The Result

According to David Nichols, IT Director for the Tom Barrow Company, SYSPRO ERP has enabled the company to automate operations, including the processing of forms and the mailing of invoices. In addition, company management is able to get an immediate and updated picture of the location and status of every job. And, the data is available to management with just a few clicks of the computer, rather than calling each site and waiting for the inputs.

In addition, Nichols reports that the SYSPRO MRP and Forecasting modules have enabled the company to significantly reduce inventory holdings. He praises the ability to tailor functions within SYSPRO, including the customization of screens with the ability to eliminate fields and build them based on the processes performed by the worker. Nichols also points to the efficiencies achieved by the simplification of complex order processing, as well as the error elimination producing invoices. He also appreciates the accessibility of SYSPRO support as well as the ease of implementing SYSPRO software upgrades and their “quality, stability and reliability.”

“The best part about SYSPRO and our use of SYSPRO is the stability and reliability.”

– David Nichols, IT Director , Tom Barrow Company

Tom Barrow Company


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