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“SYSPRO’s use adds to an intangible efficiency gain that is allowing the company to handle higher volumes of product and an ever- growing variety of products with no increase to office, management, warehouse, professional or other production supporting personnel.”

– Dave Davis, Controller, Loftness Manufacturing

The Company

Loftness Manufacturing was established in 1956 in a farm shop owned by Dick Loftness, a farmer in Hector, Minnesota. Initially, Loftness made V-type snow blowers in response to demand from the local community.

Today, Loftness makes a wide range of farm, forestry, landscape and other high-quality, durable equipment for agriculture, forestry, landscape and right-of-way maintenance. The company’s broad product offering includes brands such as GrainLogix, CropLogix, VM-Logix and SnowLogix, each of which enjoys a reputation for quality and durability.

All Loftness manufacturing is accomplished in Hector, in one sprawling building which also houses two warehouses and a storage yard for raw materials, semi-finished and finished product. The company fills approximately 4,000 orders a month from a customer list that numbers 2,600 and includes dealers and consumers in the USA and Canada.

Loftness competes on quality and durability, rather than price. Controller Dave Davis explains: “In fact, our products are always at the high-end of the retail price range.

However, we hear comments such as,‘It’s built like a tank,’ and ‘We still use the Loftness snow blower my grandpa bought some 30 years ago.”

The Challenge

A number of years ago, Loftness identified a need to upgrade to a SQL database, create custom reports, better manage data and expand functionality.

The Solution

SYSPRO software was chosen to meet Loftness Manufacturing’s requirements. Today, SYSPRO operates on an HP Proliant with 24 concurrent users.

“Looking back, I can’t recall any specific problems that SYSPRO was brought on board to solve. Today, we are creating solutions by using more of SYSPRO’s functionality and fully using SYSPRO as the designers intended,” Davis says.“From jobs processing to inventory transactions and control, sales order processing and MRP, instituting training and process disciplines that involve using SYSPRO capabilities or integrating SYSPRO into the procedures – it all enables inventory accuracy, smooth product flow as well as efficient jobs processing, purchasing controls, sales order processing and more.”

The Result

According to Loftness’s Production Controller and Warehouse Supervisor, the software has produced accuracy in many different ways with the help of the company’s employees.

“When the system is used accurately, it speeds transactions. There is also a very good support system that follows SYSPRO and which gets questions answered in a timely manner. SYSPRO is the easiest inventory/MRP system I have used, and also to learn,” the supervisor says.

Commenting on the benefits delivered by SYSPRO, Davis says SYSPRO has produced reliability in inventory, better production planning and flow of products through the plant. The system has also enabled Loftness to elevate customer service due to its ability to have product ready to ship when customers want it. Furthermore, SYSPRO has facilitated the reduction of back ordered parts, allowed sales personnel to give customers reliable information on product availability and, overall, improved the image of Loftness as a professionally, competently run organization

Loftness Manufacturing


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