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Leader Tech

“SYSPRO has really helped us focus in on where we had some inconsistencies and bottlenecks, enabling us to alleviate them while saving money in the process.”

– Steven Lewis, Purchasing and Production Control Manager, Leader Tech

The Company

Leader Tech is a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of EMI shielding products for circuit boards, electronic enclosures and inter connect cables. The shielding blocks signals from other devices to avoid interference.

The company serves a diverse commercial and military customer base from its global EMI Shielding Technology Center in Tampa, Florida. Every detail of Leader Tech’s one- of-a-kind manufacturing facility is tailor- engineered to streamline and improve customer service, engineering and manufacturing processes.

All facets of the business, including people, physical plant size and equipment, are optimally positioned to increase productivity and capacity. At a time when companies are moving away from the EMI Shielding customer through offshore manufacturing and distribution channels, Leader Tech stays committed to the US market by continuing to expand its industry experienced team, innovative manufacturing technology and US-based facility.

Leader Tech also believes that customers are better served when they talk directly to a live applications engineer instead of  a machine. Personalized and responsive support, coupled with innovative domestic manufacturing, has been and will continue to be the hallmark of Leader Tech’s industry- best engineering and customer support departments.

The company’s standard product line is complemented by a custom design team which works with customers to meet their needs.

The Challenge

Although the company had streamlined various procedures, it felt the time had come to select an ERP solution to enhance efficiencies and facilitate growth. The initial choice of SYSPRO included basic modules, and Leader Tech has since purchased additional modules to leverage the solution’s features, maximize efficient company growth and expedite order turnaround time.

The Solution

Leader Tech selected SYSPRO to integrate all departments and be the repository of all company information. With all company departments fully integrated, company management has the ability to make rapid, effective decisions based on real-time data. The SYSPRO solution was also chosen for its ability to be customized by users to show only the data needed to perform their jobs in the most efficient and effective manner.

Leader Tech


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