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Dynojet Research

“SYSPRO is the center of our universe. When it goes into SYSPRO it drives everything else.”

– Jeremy Mayfield, IT Director, Dynojet

The Company

Dynojet Research, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the world leader in the development and manufacture of performance enhancement products and tools that help vehicle owners tune and optimize the performances of their twoand four-wheel drive vehicles. The company’s primary products are Dynamometers and Power Commanders. Dynamometers gauge the horsepower, torque and overall power of automobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) and snowmobiles, providing an important indication of performance by measuring what’s coming off where the “rubber meets the road” as opposed to what’s coming off the engine.

Dynojet Power Commanders improve the fuel systems of motorcycles. By altering the air/fuel ratios, the motorcycle’s fuel consumption, horsepower and speed can be enhanced to improve the cycle’s racing performance. The Power Commander Product line makes up ninety-five percent of Dynojet sales. In 2005, the company introduced a line of Power Commanders for select automobiles.

The Challenge

While the Dynamometers are marketed through distributors, dealers and leasing companies, the Power Commanders are primarily marketed through a network of stocking distributors. The company also maintains a facility in Holland for European sales and distribution. A sales office in Glendora, Calif., sells a line of ignition modules. While Dynojet’s primary manufacturing facility is located in Montana, finished processing of the company’s power sports products is accomplished in the company’s Las Vegas facility.

The Solution

Dynojet has been a SYSPRO user since l996. A central server with SYSPRO software supports all four Dynojet locations with a 24-user license covering SYSPRO ERP modules, SYSPRO e.net solutions™ and SYSPRO CRM. Dynojet uses two methods of connectivity to SYSPRO, and makes both connection methods available to most users. One method is direct client/server and the other is a Citrix Metaframe terminal server. Both use a Cisco VPN (Virtual Private Network). In 1996, the company’s annual revenues were $7 million. This year, Dynojet revenues are expected to approach $40 million. The company’s employee roster now totals about 150, most of whom are involved in the manufacturing end of operations.

Jeremy Mayfield, Dynojet IT Director, attributes much of Dynojet’s growth to quality products. Dynojet Dynamometers are accurate at all altitudes. Competitive products, according to Mayfield, give different readings at various altitudes. This accuracy is why Dynojet is the “official dynamometer” of NASCAR. Moreover, the Power Commanders as well as the Dynamometers offer GUIs, enabling users to easily interface and view the results on a computer.

The Result

Mayfield also believes that much of the company’s growth is traceable to SYSPRO software. The scalability of the software, he says, has enabled it to keep pace with the growth of Dynojet. Moreover, the software has allowed Dynojet to provide superior levels of technical support without having to grow the support department. He attributes this capability to SYSPRO CRM and the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) module. CRM has helped Dynojet organize and maintain customer records, and, in turn, provide better feedback to the customer. Through the issuance of CRM service tickets, the company has a firm grasp of what products are returned for servicing and why, and can readily make adjustments to enhance future product quality. The RMA module provides additional data on why products have been returned for servicing. This ability to trace defects has been a key factor is keeping the product return ratio low. While a refurbished part is immediately returned to the customer, based upon the defect, the company will make the decision to scrap the product or rebuild it to be used as a future replacement.

All Dynojet products are warranted from the date of purchase. However, since Power Commanders could sit on a stocking distributor shelf for months, the customer must register the product to initiate the warranty. Dynojet worked with SYSPRO reseller CBS Systems to create an interface using SYSPRO e.net solutions that enables purchasers to register and activate their warranties on-line with all the data automatically put directly into the SYSPRO database. This process has significantly reduced the manpower once necessary to manually register the 8,000 to 10,000 Power Commanders sold each month.

Since the Power Commanders are ordered in advance from the stocking distributors, the company has a firm grasp on the dozens of parts to be inventoried in order to produce the devices. However, as Dynojet manufactures Dynamometers to order, it is essential that the company has the necessary parts in stock to complete the orders and deliver the units on a timely basis. In the past, the company has looked to historical sales, Excel spreadsheets and factored in growth percentages to estimate the inventory parts needed. Dynojet will soon install SYSPRO Forecasting in order to better align inventory levels. With a superior forecasting capability, Dynojet will also be able to reap additional savings by ordering the needed cables and harnesses from other countries. “We can’t build the cables and harnesses as fast as they can build them in China and Japan,” says Mayfield, “but we need accurate forecasting to factor in lengthy shipping times.”

While the majority of Dynojet sales are made by resellers, some orders are called in or come in over the Internet. According to Mayfield, SYSPRO software enables order takers to provide quick responses to the buyer on the availability of the items ordered.

Last year when Dynojet purchased a California-based producer of ignition modules, Mayfield says the very nature of SYSPRO software made it easy to get the new operation up and running on SYSPRO in a matter of weeks. Mayfield singles out the software’s ease of use, ODBC capabilities and single point of entry as key.

“SYSPRO is the center of our universe,” he says. “When it goes into SYSPRO, it drives everything else.”

“[Dynojet] believes that much of the company’s growth is traceable to SYSPRO software. The scalability of the software… has enabled it to keep pace with the growth of Dynojet. Moreover, the software has allowed Dynojet to provide superior levels of technical support without having to grow the support department.”

Dynojet Research


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